From the Jungian viewpoint, analysis is essentially a dialogue between two people. Its aim is to help you to get in touch with your own inner resources of growth and healing, and thus to eventually arrive at individual solutions to life’s challenges.

The aim is to broaden one’s horizons by means of developing a more active rapport with one’s unconscious: the deep unknown factor in the human psyche, a site of spontaneous creativity expanding beyond the limitations of an ego conditioned by preconceptions, inculcated experiences and/or rigid ideas.  This journey of discovery, exploration and meaning-making is a uniquely individual experience. 

Analysis is therefore about becoming conscious of your unconscious, of who you are, of your strengths and weaknesses. Through this process of increased self-awareness, transformation and actualization, Jungian analysis can help you to see what is out of balance in your psyche, to empower you to consciously make changes that will enable you to become more balanced, authentic, and whole. Analysis is suitable for a wide range of people and issues.

I work in Dutch and English, available online or in person.